Makook Smart Living aims to enhance people's lives by simplifying and automating connectivity between them, their homes and their communities. We are a specialist service provider that designs and delivers the integration of online media content like blockbuster movies with networking and remote control solutions such as home automation and personal media libraries.

Based on a unique technology platform developed by US innovator Prodea Systems, our service offering can personalize the way people experience entertainment, access their personal media content, and remotely control and access their living environments. It's tomorrow's world, today.

In the near future, Makook Smart Living will also enable people to easily interact with third-party providers (like doctors, educational institutions, and government agencies) via a seamless, secure, and intuitive interface across any number of devices (mobile handsets, tablets, televisions, or PCs).

Makook Smart Living is a Dubai Internet City-based company focused on serving the UAE and MENA region.