Manage your entire home environment, locally or remotely, at a tap of your finger. Do the lights need to be dimmed? The door opened? The curtains drawn? No need to get up, simply relax, sit back and let Makook help you do what needs to be done.

Makook enables you to significantly reduce your energy bill and contribute to a greener environment. Your house can recognize when you're in or out, awake or asleep, and adapt energy allocation accordingly.

On top of that, Makook lets you remotely turn on/off or control any connected device at your convenience from anywhere in the world, further eliminating any potential hazards when you're not at home.

Your Home, Your Fortress. Did I remember to lock the door? How is my baby sleeping this afternoon? What are my kids up to at home while I'm at work? Is that the delivery I've been waiting for at my door?

Makook security and monitoring triggers notifications and automated responses that safeguard your home, family and belongings. You can easily check and secure that door you forgot to lock on your way out. Notifications are sent to your mobile whenever someone approaches your door. Your entrance light comes on to deter unwanted visitors. Your 'Baby Cam', 'Nanny Cam' and other home monitoring cameras allow you to keep an eye on what is going on while you are away from home.

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