Get smarter, stay ahead of the pack, or just pursue your interests. From teaching your child mathematics, reading, calculus and physics, to learning about investment or cooking – there are no age limits to enhancing your education or just learning something new. Innovative learning content and formats are presented by Khan Academy, TedEd, and other leading private international institutions and learning centers.

Through Wi-fi connected bio monitoring devices, Makook is able to share essential health related information with your medical provider and even offer real-time onscreen consulting facilities*.

* Available in 2015

Order a pizza before you start your movie, book a car to the airport or search for the latest deals in your favorite shopping mall, all from your TV screen or any mobile device.

Thanks to our secure unified payment system, your neighborhood and all your preferred vendors are literally on your doorstep. No need to open your wallet at all*.

* Available in 2015

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